Hair Cuts and Holiday Stuff

Today's message at church was right. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it time of year. It's so easy to get distracted, to forget what's important. We packed in every minute of time this weekend, and already next weekend is booked to the brim. Here's my way of taking a breath, slowing down.

First time under the hair drying hood!

Friday evening on my way home from school, I was chatting with Matt, telling him how excited I was to be coming home, ready to put on my jammies and chill out. Not 30 seconds after hanging up, I had to call him back with a change of plans. PJs would have to wait; I totally forgot about my hair appointment.

The time had come to break up with my old stylist. Not in a bad way, she's still fabulous. But I just can't make the trek down to Peachtree City to see her. Googling around, I happened upon another stylist who specializes in curly hair, seeing as she's a card carrying member of the curly girl club herself. (I only let curly girls cut this mane.)

So I showed up at this new salon to meet this new stylist,  hoping for the best, and got better than I expected. Not only was Angela great, willing to give me her opinion (I hate it when stylists want me to tell them what to do - um, I didn't go to school for this!), and also willing to go back and make adjustments based on what I wanted, but... they serve free wine. Best hair appointment ever.

Violet and Santa

Saturday morning was my school's Breakfast with Santa event, and this is the first year we actually attempted a picture with Santa. Violet was gung-ho about it until she had to climb on his lap. She slowly warmed up once the candy cane bribe came out, and by the end she was smiling, so I'm hoping for a decent picture. She told him what she wanted for Christmas (Minnie), and told me afterwards in a puzzled voice, "Santa didn't say ho ho ho." Still, I don't think she was scarred for life by the experience, so I'm chalking it up as a win.

All lined up, ready to distribute to the first graders.
Saturday night I just couldn't contemplate cooking, so we decided to go to a little eatery near Matt's office, Wildflour. By day they offer up sandwiches served on homemade bread, but they are starting a dinner menu as well. We walked up and realized we were the only customers. Not a terrible thing, since Violet could literally have the run of the place without disturbing anyone, but still a little awkward. The place definitely had the feel of a lunch joint, even though they were trying to fancy it up with white table clothes and wine glasses. And things are always a little suspect when you are the only customers.

Fortunately, the food was delicious and the dessert (on the house!) was divine. A few more groups came in before we finished and livened the place up, Violet behaved herself, and it was fun to be out trying something new.

My love.

Sunday the weather was so warm that Violet got to play outside a little bit. Despite the mountain of school work awaiting me inside, I tried to let go and just chill for a while. Watching Violet run around, so happy, it makes me marvel. I had something to do with that joyous thing running around the yard with glee. And she's not turning out half-bad, if I do say so myself. I had a little Kairos moment, there in the fresh air.

Bah humbug.

Which is good, because this stack of papers was waiting for me. Oh, how I want to just get through the next two weeks with my sanity and holiday cheer intact. The good news about times like this is it makes me grab hold of Jesus' hand and hang on for dear life. Daily I'm begging Him to stick by my side in a very present way. A friend of mine suddenly lost her father this week and it was a jolting reminder of how life can change irrevocably in the space between one breath and the next. So we soldier on, doing the best we can today, trying to slow down, appreciating this life.

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