Finally Ready

So, it's been a while. Sorry. The usual blah-blah of report cards and holiday bustle and stress. But this moment marks an important occasion because I have just finished putting in my grades and I'm officially ready to begin my Christmas break!

This last week of school has been crazy. My parents helped throw an awesome party for the kids and yesterday we all wore PJs and watched the Polar Express, complete with a hot chocolate delivery in the middle of the movie. But due to some logistics, yesterday also meant we had to stay in the classroom all day. We ate lunch in our room. We had specials in our room. Thanks to the nasty weather, we had recess in the room. So it's safe to say I was as ready for the day to be over as the kids were!

Here's a little glimpse into first grade. One of my favorite writing samples, with an excellent illustration. Safe to say I "laft and laft" when I read it.
I watched the Dirty Birds vs-ing [versus] the Giants. My dad and brother cried. Me and my mom laughed and laughed. Soon the game was over.

Last week Matt and I gave ourselves an early Christmas present in the form of Cirque du Soleil tickets. I've always wanted to go and I will definitely be making this a tradition. It was nuts! It's amazing what random talents some people have. Like being able to ride a unicycle with one foot while flipping bowls onto the head with the other foot. And how did they even discover they had such a talent? Hmm. I wonder if I can balance a 40-foot pole on my head and support some other crazy dude at the top (who is also balancing on his head)? Hmm. Let's try that and see.

Violet and her BFF after ballet class at school. Precious!

First photo shoot with Santa - total success! (Sorry, it's a photo of a photo. So lame, I know.)
Now I'm finally able to get my holidays on! I think I'll kick it off with my PJs, a warm beverage, and a holiday movie. See you soon!

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