It's the Great Pumpkin!

This is what a perfect fall day looks like.
Our weekend of fall perfection continued when we took a spin up to our favorite family farm to pick out a pumpkin. Because that's what you do in fall, you know? We discovered Kinsey Family Farm last October, went back for a Christmas tree that winter, and once more made the pilgrimage this year. Here's to continuing traditions!

On the prowl for a perfect pumpkin.

Violet picked out her favorite pumpkin, just her size.

Waiting for the tractor to pull us on a wagon ride.

We were out running errands when we decided just to keep going up to the farm.Which means we arrived rather unprepared - no snacks, no cash, no lunch. Still we scraped together enough change for  wagon ride tickets. Violet's big impression of this adventure - "it's bumpy, mama!"

Making fish faces in anticipation of feeding the catfish on the wagon ride.

Violet has this annoying new habit of refusing to look at the camera. Hopefully this will be cured by the time we take our annual family photos.

Can't say enough about this beautiful day. Blue skies for everyone!

Our wonderful family day was capped off by a little girl who refused to take a nap when we got home. So an extra early bedtime meant Matt and I could indulge in his newest obsession - watching "classic" movies. We took in John Wayne's Rio Bravo. It was... okay. I'm not much for Westerns. I'm more of an Audry Hepburn kind of girl. Still, it was interesting to watch something so far out of my usual genre.

It's amazing what a difference an extra day in the weekend makes. I feel much more relaxed than I have in a month. I knew I was feeling pressure from work, but didn't realize how much until it was suddenly gone. This long weekend has been such a gift. Add to that the cool fall weather, brilliant blue sky, sunny days, sweet girl, and I'm one happy mama right now.

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