Violet had her last Girl Scout Daisy troop meeting, in which all the girls bridged to Brownies! That's right, I'll have a Brownie next year. The girls worked hard selling cookies this year (you bought a lot, so thank you!) and they had set a motivating goal for themselves at the beginning of cookie season... Camping - no. Horseback riding - nah. Anything remotely adventurous? Not for these girls! They wanted to sell enough cookie boxes to get themselves a spa party at our local girls' salon and spa, Sweet & Sassy. And boy did they blow it out of the water!

Before heading over to Sweet & Sassy, we made a stop at our Sheriff's Department to drop off the boxes that our cookie customers had earmarked for donation. The officers were very happy to see the girls and all the cookies. We got a quick tour of a police car and everyone got to make a choice out of the prize box - Violet picked the pack of gum over the other memorabilia. Ha!

Dropping off cookies to some of Forsyth County's finest.

Then we were off to the land of shrieking girls and so. much. glitter. This is the place where I take my girls to get their haircut (mainly because the many tvs encourage them to sit still long enough to cut a straight line) but every time we're hear I get the same feeling of overstimulation. There is so much pink and feathers and glitter (and glitter is just NOT my love language). But the girls love it there!

Movie star!

And they're not even teenagers yet!

Best Daisy troop ever!

Runway show!

The party was all prepared when we arrived - seven movie star chairs decked out with feather boas and sunglasses. The girls quickly changed into their sequined costumes and were immediately whisked off to get hair up-doed, nails painted and eye shadow applied. Ooh la la! This was followed by a runway fashion show and a three-song choreographed dance party. The sweet little teenagers that run these parties - they were so sweet and energetic and took care of our girls with all the spirit and pep that only young, optimistic teenage girls have. And our girls had the best time!

We headed into the party room to eat our brownies (obviously) and give out cookie awards, badges and pins, then it was time for the limo ride in the bright pink limo. It was the perfect way to end this year's Girl Scout season. Maybe one of these days we'll try camping, but this "glamping" experience was perfect for our little stars.

Troop 16236!

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