O Christmas Tree

Well, the tree is up, the lights are lit, the elves have returned and are busy running amok every night (just kidding, our elves are fairly tame... clearly they are getting old and lazy). We picked out a tree at Pike's Nursery again - I'm always taken in by their set up... it's like walking through a forest, complete with snow-covered branches. Plus the people are always friendly, they'll hoist it onto your car for you, it's the way to go. And one of these years we might just have a splurge for a white flocked tree. They are magical!

Deck the Halls!
The girls were so funny putting up ornaments. They were far more interested in playing with their ornaments than hanging them on the tree. In fact, when we went to Target to pick out this year's ornament, they both opted for a fuzzy little white owl that they could not stop petting! I'm still not sure if those owls actually made it onto a branch or if they're upstairs in the girls' room somewhere.

In sad news, a quarter strand of light on the garland on my stairs is out. And it's the top part, which means I am not nearly motivated enough to take the whole thing down and restring it the way I say I'm going to do every year. I'm too excited about decorating to want to do it at the beginning of the season, and too over everything by the end to even care. I should probably buy a fresh string and just pack it in the garland box so at least everything will be ready to go next year. Oh well.

O Christmas Tree!

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