Christmas Morning

Christmas morning, we received the gift all parents dream about. Our children slept in. Matt and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and cinnamon rolls in bed, in silence. Oh holy night indeed! For a fleeting moment we wondered if we should wake them, but then common sense kicked in, and we quickly ate more cinnamon rolls before they could wake up and discover them. Ha! We win!

Of course, the kids did eventually wake up (and by eventually, I mean 7:30, which is totally sleeping in for these two). Our Christmas was a quiet affair. Stockings were opened. Each girl got three gifts from Santa. Violet got exactly what she asked for: a candy cane filled with M&Ms, a framed picture of Hello Kitty to put by her bed, and a bracelet making bead set. The big man also gave her a bonus gift, the DVD of Sleeping Beauty, because somehow he knew she would want to add it to the list last minute. Smart man, that Santa. Very forward thinking. Clearly he gets a lot of help from his wife. Annie got mostly clothes. Next year, my friend, next year! There were a few presents from us, we ate breakfast, then cleaned up and packed for Christmas 3.0 in Peachtree City. Ah, Christmas, the season that never ends!

Nailed it!

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