Cat in the Hat

Every weekend someone in Violet's class gets to take home the Cat in the Hat stuffed animal. They take pictures of their adventures together and share with the class when they go back to school. (Oh, and the Cool Cat person gets to be line leader for the week as well, Violet reminded me 87 times.)

So this weekend we had the Cat, and here are our adventures...

First the Cat came to soccer practice...

He even tried kicking the ball!

Then he got tired and decided to watch from the sidelines.

Next up, movie night!

Frozen was playing...

Slumber party time!

Then Cat came with us to the pumpkin patch and played in the bouncy house!

Then Mommy packed him up in Violet's backpack so we wouldn't forget to take him back to school, and that's where he stayed the rest of the weekend, oops! But hey, we have plenty of photographic evidence that he was out and about with us quite a bit. Hopefully he had as much fun as we did!

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